American Epoxy Scientific premium chemical resistant epoxy products are manufactured via a thermosetting process.  The raw materials, which include an epoxy resin, are mixed to a proprietary formula, poured into a mold, and then cured creating a solid continuous product. The result is a highly durable, chemical and heat resistant slab, that can be cut and machined into counter tops and backslashes for a wide variety of laboratory applications across the world. Thermoset epoxy products pass the most stringent of test standards: SEFA 3 chemical and stain resistant testing. See the Test Results

    Where cost and core color options are a greater concern, prefabricated chemical resistant phenolic resin products can be machined and finished to fit any application requiring chemical and moisture resistance.


    Molded sinks (drop in or under counter), pegboards, fume hoods, and shelving, utilizing premium thermoset epoxy - are just a few of the many high quality accessories that are built to the same exacting standards by American Epoxy Scientific. Affording a high level of durability, fit, and design, every component created helps ensure the complete package is available to you within a rapid time frame.

     American Epoxy Scientific also produces chemical resistant sinks that are specifically designed to conform with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA Standards for Accessible Design).



Durable, High Quality Chemical Resistant Epoxy Resin Products, Manufactured in Mountain Home, Arkansas


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