Our Facility

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From raw materials to finished and wrapped orders, our inventory is always stored in our environmentally controlled warehouse space.  

Originally built in the 1970s, our facility has grown and changed dramatically since  it was purchased in 2015 by Steve Luelf.    The factory had been stripped of all equipment, and a group of employees was recalled to refit the space with modern, improved manufacturing technology and  proprietary epoxy-resin systems.  The factory opened again in 2016 due to the efforts of Steve and his team. 

A 30,000 square foot renovation in early 2020 has allowed us to expand our production capacity, create a more efficient manufacturing line and  has provided additional  warehouse and administrative space.  With 100,000 square feet of heated and cooled space on 20 acres, American Epoxy Scientific has completed multiple improvement initiatives to keep our plant healthy for our employees and community while creating high quality products.